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The Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs?

By that, I mean the prebuilt Gaming PCs that offer the best performance thanks to having two graphic cards.

Why write this article?

How much time do you have to research the best computer?

Many of us don’t have much time to read, or the knowledge to understand, detailed computer specifications nor reviews and just want to know:
What’s the best budget gaming PC for my needs?

I’m here to help you with this article. I believe that you deserve the computer that is the best for your needs. That way, your computer is working for you and not the other way around. This allows you to focus your full potential on realizing what you want, without being limited by your computer.

With 16 years of experience with computer hardware, researching, always up-to-date research with the newest parts, performance and prices, I know what matters in a computer.
See my About page for more information on me, Mathieu Bourgie, and this website, Hardware Revolution

I recommend the computers that offer the best performance at a given price, without sacrificing reliability of course.

Alternatives recommendations:

I also suggest alternative recommendations, with clear explanations as to why they are interesting alternatives.

This is an Worldwide Guide!

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The Best High Performance Prebuilt Gaming PC:

  1. High Performance, 4K 60-90FPS: 2 Geforce GTX 1070 8GB in SLI
  2. Best performance, 4K 90+FPS, 2 GeForce GTX 1080 8GB in SLI

Upgrade your PC:

  1. Upgrade the RAM
  2. Upgrade the hard drive to a larger/faster model or to a SSD
  3. The Best WiFi Routers, WiFi Adapters and Bluetooth Adapters

Good value: 2 Geforce GTX 1070 8GB in SLI

Centaurus Polaris 5 Custom Gaming Computer

Click here to see the price on Amazon

About the Centaurus Polaris 5 Custom Gaming Computer

If you are looking for a build that has some of the best gaming performance around, this is a good choice for you. It is equipped with not 1 but 2 Nvidia Geforce gtx 1070 in SLI. Note that having your graphic cards in SLI does not mean a 100% performance boost but depending on the game you’re playing, you can expect a performance boost between 30% and 70%.

It is also equipped with a powerful Intel Core i7-6700K Quad-Core CPU with 32GB of RAM and a 480GB SSD combined with a 3TB HDD for a maximum amount of performance and storage space.

With a setup like this, you can easily play most games in 4K with maxed out details and a decent 60-90FPS rate.


  1. Equipped with a Intel Core i7-6700K Quad-Core + Hyper-Threading CPU, overclocked to 4.4GHz.
  2. Great dedicated video cards: 2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU with 8GB of graphic memory in SLI.
  3. 32GB of 2400MHz DDR4 RAM.
  4. Included WiFi adapter
  5. Liquid CPU Cooler
  6. 480GB SSD which greatly improve the computer’s responsiveness and booting speed.
  7. 3TB HDD
  8. 4 USB 3.0 ports: 2 on the top
  9. 4 USB 2.0 ports: 2 on the top, 4 in the back
  10. Windows 10
  11. Clean install, no junk software


  1. No card reader
  2. No Optical drive by default: You can get an external one for free by requesting one via an Amazon message, according to the product page on Amazon


MSI Vortex G65VR

msi-1070-sli$2699.00 at B&H (Worldwide Shipping)

This is a good alternative if you live outside the U.S or if you are looking for a more compact model.

This alternative is equipped with mostly the same hardware as my recommendation above with a few differences:
Storage: You get higher storage performance but less storage capacity. It has two 256GB PCIe SSDs which are some of the fastest SSDs up to date, along with a 1TB hard drive, so for a total of a 1.5TB storage.
Networking: You get a faster 802.11ac Dual-Band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1 and two LAN ports.
– Ports: You get 2 x Thunderbolt 3 via USB Type-C

This model is very compact and it only weights 8.8 lbs which is about 30lbs less than the above recommendation while being much smaller.

Best performance with 2 GeForce GTX 1080 8GB in SLI

CybertronPC CLX SET

Click here to see the price on Amazon

About the CybertronPC CLX SET

Simply put, this model is the best extreme-performance gaming desktop you can get on a budget.

This desktop packs an even better performance with a even more powerful Intel i7-6800K Hexa-Core CPU and 2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphic cards in SLI with 32GB of memory. Note that having your graphic cards in SLI does not mean a 100% performance boost but depending on the game you’re playing, you can get  in between 30% and 70%.

It can run pretty much all games on multiple screens at a 4K resolution with maxed out details and 90+ FPS rate.


  1. Equipped with a powerful overclocked Intel i7-6800K 4.2GHz Hexa-Core Hyper-threading CPU.
  2. Dedicated video card : 2 x Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 in SLI
  3. 240GB SSD which greatly improves responsiveness and booting speed.
  4. 32GB of DDR4 2400MHz RAM
  5. 2TB 7200rpm hard drive
  6. Liquid CPU cooler.
  7. 6 x USB 3.0 ports
  8. 6 x USB 2.0 ports
  9. 2 USB 3.1 (Type C) ports.
  10. Windows 10
  11. Cooler Master Devastator II red LED gaming keyboard/mouse included
  12. Comes with a USB backup drive.
  13. Free Lifetime tech support with Cybertron.
  14. Fans with red LEDs, if you’re into that.
  15. High quality EVGA 850 Watt SuperNOVA G2 Modular 80 Plus Gold power supply


  1. No card reader
  2. No WiFi adapter


Want to upgrade the memory (RAM)?

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I hope that you’ve enjoyed this article on the best prebuilt extreme-performance Gaming PCs.

Do you have any feedback or any questions? Are you unsure which one is the best one for you?

Please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.