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This is one of 3 articles dedicated to Apple’s iMac and Mac:

1. How you can choose the best Apple iMac 24″ (this article)
2. How to choose the best Apple iMac 27″
3. Choose the best Apple Mac Pro

Who is the Apple iMac ideal for?

1. Do you want one of the most reliable computers available on the market?
2. Do you want the least expensive all in one computer available from Apple?
3. Do you want a computer that’s excellent all around?

That’s the Apple iMac 24″ for you.

It’s a computer that’s solid, reliable, powerful, with an outstanding 24″ 4.5K display, surprisingly powerful and accurate speakers and that has a small footprint.

What can the Apple iMac 24″ do for you?

– Web browsing
– Office work (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
– Emails
– Listen to and record music
– Watching TV/movies from local files or streaming.
– Audio/photo/video/3D editing
– Connecting multiple external monitors.
– Pretty much anything that you can think of

Why choose the iMac 24″?

– It’s an all-in-one computer, so there’s no bulky tower.
– The power supply is integrated in the iMac, so there’s no bulky power brick.
– 4.5K Retina 4480 x 2520 display, with IPS panel and 100% P3 wide color gamut support, high maximum brightness, with excellent color accuracy and viewing angles.
– Great CPU performance: Apple M1 CPU
Apple GPU
– Least expensive iMac
– It’s an Apple PC: mac OS, Siri, iCloud, many built-in apps, highly reliable, excellent customer service
– 6 Speakers with Dolby Atmos that can go surprisingly loud and actually offers a decent dynamic range, considering their size.
– Solid and great looking aluminum chassis
– Bluetooth
– 802.11ac WiFi
– 2x Thunderbolt 3/USB 4 Type-C ports: Integrates data transfer, charging, and video output in a single reversible connector, delivering up to 40 Gbps of throughput.
– Some models only: 2x additionnal USB Type-C ports
– Supports Apple Pro Display XDR in full 6K resolution
– 90 Days of Free Telephone Support from Apple
– Although Apple makes some odd choices sometimes, their customer service is excellent in the vast majority of cases.

Why you might not want the Apple iMac 24″: Cons

– While the Apple chip offers great performance for the everyday user, power users that need more CPU cores, more RAM or a dedicated graphic card will be better served by the 27″ iMac.
– Maximum RAM limited to 16GB.
– Upgrading the CPU, RAM and storage is not possible.
– No card reader
– No optical drive. You can get an external USB powered optical drive, if you want to.
– 1 year warranty is surprisingly short for such a premium product. You can extend it with AppleCare though.
– Getting used to macOS if you’ve never used it before.

How to Choose your Apple iMac 24″

What you need to know:

The 4 differences between all the iMac 24″:

1. Choose the color:
Silver, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple or Yellow

I recommend the least expensive option by default, although the other colors are often the same price or hardly more expensive.

2. Choose between two levels of graphics performance

There are three options available to you, in order of performance, from slowest to fastest:
1. Apple M1 7-Core GPU
2. Apple M1 8-Core GPU

If you only use your iMac to run basic programs, such as Office and Web browsing, the basic level is fine.

On the other hand, if you do a lot of video editing or just want the best performance, opt for the 8-core model.

3. Choose between 8 or 16GB of memory (RAM)

4GB_RAM_macbook_airYou have the choice between 8GB or 16GB of memory.

So what do I want? 8GB or 16GB?

It depends on what you intend to do with your iMac.

If you only use your iMac to run a few basic programs at once, like email, some Excel, Word, a web browser and iTunes, 8GB is plenty of memory.

Do you want to run heavier applications (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.), have multiple applications open and lots of web browser tabs? 16GB would be my recommendation then.

If you intend on keeping your iMac for many years, going with 16GB is a good idea, seeing as memory usage keeps increasing, with newer versions of programs using more and more memory.

What would I pick? 16GB of RAM.

Keep in mind that you cannot upgrade the memory in the iMac 24″.

4. Four storage capacities:
256GB, 512GB, 1TB or 2TB

Unsure about how whether you want 256GB, 512GB, 1TB or 2TBof storage?

Read our article on How to choose the right SSD storage capacity and pay less for your computer to figure it out.

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Apple iMac 24″

4 recommended GPU and RAM configurations:

From the least powerful to the most powerful model:

1. 7 Core GPU, 8GB RAM

– 256GB: $1,299.00 at B&H
– 512GB: $1,499.00 at B&H
– 1TB: $1,699.00 at B&H

Is it safe to buy an iMac from B&H Photo Video instead of the Apple Store? 

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2. 7 Core GPU, 16GB RAM

– 256GB$1,499.00 at B&H
– 512GB
$1,699.00 at B&H
– 1TB: $1,899.00 at B&H

3. 8 Core GPU, 8GB RAM

– 256GB: $1,499.00 at B&H
– 512GB: $1,699.00 at B&H
– 1TB: $1,899.00 at B&H
– 2TB: $2,299.00 at B&H

4. 8 Core GPU, 16GB RAM

– 256GB$1,699.00 at B&H
– 512GB
$1,899.00 at B&H
– 1TB: $2,099.00 at B&H
– 2TB: $2,499.00 at B&H

Don’t forget about Applecare: Protect your investment

The AppleCare+ Protection Plan Extension  from Apple gives you peace of mind by extending your hardware, software, and telephone support coverage to 3-years total. AppleCare+ provides you with expert assistance, incident coverage, global repair coverage for your iMac, and web-based resources and diagnostic tools.

It can be selected when adding your iMac to your cart, see the picture below.


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