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Q: Andy wrote:
Just a simple question i noticed and read all your Computer System Articles, and
see $50+ hard drives, or more do new hard drives really matter for gaming
systems? or just a little difference from older hard drives?
I have 2 Hard Disks right now both Sata:

A: More recent models will offer higher transfer rates and lower seek times. In real life performance, gaming wise, you will see the difference while a level, a menu or something big will be loading.

How much faster? Depending on the model you would compare it to, I can safely say that you will see a perceptible difference with the above scenarios, say a 25-50% improvement. These are rough numbers though, simply an estimate.

While you’re actually playing, your hard drive have no to minimal effect on the performance.

Ayush wrote 2 questions:

Q1– I have purchased everything except the cpu cooler and ram which i am going to buy this month. I wanted to ask whether to buy cooler master aquagate s1 or cooler master hyper 212.

I have read review about aquagate s1 and found that it is better to go off with air cooler cause aquagate doesn’t add anything special in performance benchmarks and it also got beaten up by a few air coolers in benchmarks.

Hyper 212 is easily available in my area i wanted to know how is it for overclocking cause i want to overclock my q6600 above 3ghz.

Q2– Also is it beneficial to buy corsair dominator ddr2 1066mhz ram or i should stick with corsair xms2 ddr2 800mhz? if i buy ddr2 800mhz i’ll also save lots of money.also i have read all your computer system articles and you have suggested ddr2 800mhz ram except for 2500$ pc.i have an asus p5q deluxe motherboard.considering overclocking potential with a upgraded 45nm cpu in future.waiting for your reply.

A1: Get the Cooler Master Hyper 212, without a doubt. It provides better performance because it is one of the best heatsink/fan combo available and because the Aquagate 1 is a water-cooling kit. For water-cooling, you should always pick your own parts and build it yourself to ensure maximum performance and lower costs.

Also, if you go with water-cooling, you have to accept the fact that there will always be a risk that there’s a leak and that it could damage a part, if not your whole PC.

A2: I recommend going with DDR2 800MHz over 1066MHz the majority of the time, especially if it’s much cheaper. Why? Because the cost for a small performance improvement isn’t worth it except if you can’t upgrade anything else for that price. Also, more ram is better than faster ram.

Your money would be better spent on:
-If it’s a gaming PC, get a better or a second video card.
-Otherwise, get a better processor.

Sam B wrote:
Hi, i read your articles on buildings gaming systems

Do you also give advice on others potential builds? and also picking parts?

It would be a great help

A: Yes I do and I would be glad to help you out. If you would like to receive my advice on potential build and picking parts, simply leave a comment on a post or contact me!

Q: Dan Butler wrote:
I think you website is great. The reviews and PC builds are good. I was
wondering why you don’t use any AMD cpus in your pc builds. From the looks of
things you can get the same performance for less. Is there something wrong
with AMD that others should know about? Thanks again!

A: Thank you. Just to clarify things, I do use AMD cpus in some of my builds, mainly the lower cost builds and the HTPC one. Why don’t I use AMD cpus more? It’s nothing agaisnt AMD, it’s simply that Intel offer cpus with better value and or performance for the systems I am designing.

Also, a lot of my builds are gaming computers and in that area, Intel cpus are clearly superior to AMD’s, especially since the introduction of the Wolfdale/Penryn core.

Q: James wrote:
Sup man. Nice site. lol. 2 Things I was wondering. First, are you
looking for a guest writer, I have alot of good ideas, and need the visibility,
second, do you exchange links, let me know whats up, and nice site.

A: Yes, I’m open and looking for some guest writers, although I haven’t done much promoting in that sense.
If you would like to submit some of your work to be published as a guest writer on Hardware Revolution and I speak to everyone here, simply contact me with your ideas and I’ll discuss about it with you.

To increase your chances to be accepted as a guest writer, here are a few guidelines:
– A maximum of three linkback in whatever form, example: One to your about page, one to your home page and one to a particular article. I suggest that the pages you link to be related to your article.
– Ensure that your article is revelant to the readers of this blog. I write about computer hardware, how to get the best bang for your buck and how to cut down on costs. If you unsure, you should ask me before writing it 😉

Finaly, I don’t exchange links. I will feature your article and talk about it if I believe that it is outstanding material and that it will interest the readers here. What I mean is that I won’t link back to you simply because you linked to me.

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