By popular demand, I’m bringing back this article, where I answer your questions.

Every other Saturday, Mathieu from Hardware Revolution goes through his e-mail inbox and previous comments and answers five to ten of the best questions left by you, the readers, on computer hardware topics and many other things.

Got a question? Post it in the comments and make sure to subscribe to the comments to read other people questions and my answers!

As this is the first edition in a long time, I’ll need some questions to answer first.
So I’m now asking you to ask your questions via the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Whether you’re unsure on which part to choose between two, need help finding the best deals for a (insert part here), want to debate on the best between AMD vs Intel, want to know my thoughts on a particular product, want to know what you should upgrade next to see the biggest improvement or anything on your mind, don’t be shy and ask!

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