HTPC: Home-Theater Personal Computer | SFF Gaming PC: Small Form Factor Gaming Personal Computer

Is this the right type of PC for me?

If you’re looking for a small-factor PC, to watch TV or DVD/Blu-Ray disks, play video games, listen to music, etc., you’re at the right place. Otherwise, check out our other Do-It-Yourself Computer Systems or The Best Laptops For Your Money instead.

We offer you six different designs, in three articles, depending on your needs/budget:

  1. Budget:Tier 1-2: $300-$700 Home-Theater PC
  2. Mainstream: Tier 3-4-5: $600-$1100+ Home-Theater PC & Small Form Factor Gaming PCs
  3. High-Eng: Tier 6: $1800+ Home-Theater PC & Small Form Factor Gaming PCs

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