After reviewing my work here on Hardware Revolution in 50 Questions and Answers: Review of Hardware Revolution in 2009, today is the time to let you know what I plan to do in 2010 to improve this blog, by presenting to you the direction that I intend to take with Hardware Revolution this year.

Note that this post is based on Darren Rowse’s post: 5 Steps for Planning the Direction of Your Blog in 2009.(Yes, the post was published over a year ago, but still is useful to me today.) Thank you Darren for the great tips!


Why do I blog?

  1. To engage with other members of the Web community.
  2. To share the knowledge that I’ve gained in the last ten years through reading everyday, writing everyday, doing a lot of research in the process and of course, by building/fixing/modding a lot of computers.
  3. To learn more and more on my favorite topics: PCs and Technology, which I have to do through blogging here at Hardware Revolution, as the majority of my posts require a lot of research.


What is your objective for your blogging in the next 3 years?

  • Convert people: I want them to believe as much as me in this:
    You don’t have to buy a pre-manufactured PC from Dell, HP, etc. You can build your own PC with our help.
  • Make sure that people who try to build their own PC are successful at it so that they can spread the word about it. Your word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool that can be used to promote Hardware Revolution.
  • Slowly but surely: Start the Hardware Revolution.
    By that, I mean: As I help more and more people become as passionate about custom building computers as I am and that I get to to help other less tech-inclined members, the more we get the snowball moving as these members push with me and get other people to join the Hardware Revolution, build their own computer and encourage others to do so. This is also known as the power of a community, which is much more powerful that I can be possibly be alone.
  • Be in touch and collaborate in several projects with fellow bloggers.
  • Actually build, review and compare the different custom computer designs that I offer. Even better would be to compare them to builds from other websites or other companies.
  • To build up my authority on the web, which will then allow me to positively influence the PC industry by expressing my point of views.


How will you know you’ve achieved your vision?

Where will you be in 1 year?

  • There will updated guides for various type of custom computers that you can build.
  • There will be several pages to assist you in building your computer, whether you need help in choosing the parts, get feedback in the parts that you chose, need assistance because you get stuck while building your computer or need an answer to why your newly assembled PC doesn’t start.
  • There will be several articles where I compare our custom computer designs to designs from other websites.
  • I aim for nothing less than 10,000 RSS/E-Mail Subscribers. Yes, this is an ambitious goal, but this tend to get me fired up and push me to do my best.
  • My blogging incomes will be enough to allow me to live off blogging only. In numbers, I’m looking for $1000 a month, which covers my costs of living.
  • I will have several guests posts published on different blogs.
  • I will be in touch with many other tech bloggers and people in the PC industry.


What major changes do you need to make to get to your goals?

  • Network with other tech bloggers.
  • Target beginners, “newbies” and other less tech-inclined people. Help them as much as I can.
  • Make the design of the blog and posts more simple and straight-forward.
  • Get more in touch with you, my readers, to see what needs improvement on this blog.
  • Work on other sources of income i.e. Donations, Consulting and E-Books.
  • No more excuses: A regular schedule with regular updates.

Action Plan:

What actions will take me closer to achieving my strategies?

  • E-mail two tech bloggers and two Hardware Revolution readers per week
  • Do my best to get at least one guest post published on another blog per month.
  • Answer comments and e-mails within 48 hrs, preferably 24hrs .
  • Help beginners by publishing various guides “for dummies”
  • Tweak the custom PC posts to make them more user-friendly, simple to use and of course, keep them updated.
  • Comment on other blogs on a daily basis
  • Publish a Best 100 Tech Blogs post/blogroll and do my best to get it viral.
  • Get the attention of these 100 tech blogs owners/writters and their readers
  • New Server to:
  • Optimize and Speed up Hardware Revolution loading time.
  • Secure the server, keep it updated and backup to minimize chances of downtime and be able to quickly put it back online if a problem arises.
  • Make sure that the server can handle traffic surge from any source.
  • Tweak the design to:
  • Make it simple and more friendly for new readers
  • Optimize the layout based on your feedback and what I see through tracking.


There you go. This is what I plan to do this year and the direction that I intend to take with Hardware Revolution in the next three years. Of course, there are other things that I intend to do, but they either didn’t fit the format of this post or I simply couldn’t remember them before my deadline to publish this post.

I certainly look forward to this year on Hardware Revolution and I hope you do to! Let me know what you think about my plans for Hardware Revolution by commenting below.