You’re an expert? Really?

Aren’t you skeptical when you stop at a website for the first time and see someone claiming that they are an ‘expert’? So am I and since I share that feeling, I’ve decided to share some testimonials left to me by people that I have helped through this blog.

I hope that they will make you feel at ease with me.

Then again, as I say in many of my guides on this website: Check with more than one expert before buying expensive computer hardware. Taking a few minutes to double-check might just save you a lot of time and money! Meaning that while I invite you to trust me, I also invite to verify your information with another expert. I am human after all 😉

Would you like to leave a testimonial? Simply drop a comment at the end of this page.


William Foreman wrote:

I just wanted to say thank you for this site. I only recently came across it,
and was floored at the amount of detail you sumbit concerning PC hardware, and
custom builds. Most sites do not explain why they use one thing over another.
With your site I feel comfortable, with the limited computer knowledge I have,
that any decisions made from reading your site will be sound. Once again thank
you for offering up your knowledge to the masses.

Andrew wrote:

Hey Mathieu,

The computer looks amazing. Exactly what I was looking for, I can not wait to purchase the parts, build the machine, and get it running. Thank you very much for your help.

James wrote:

I enjoy the site and always take the time to look over new reviews when I get the chance. Keep up the good work, the industry needs more journalists like you.

Kevin wrote:

Thanks for all your help! The computer is a beast! It took me about 5-6 hours total time to put together and get up and operating. I can’t wait to build another one! Soon I will try to overclock it.

You were a great help as I do not have the knowledge base concerning individual components and compatibillity. As this was my first computer build from scratch, matching the individual pieces to produce a level proformance field was key. I could not be more happy with the system!

I was a bit stressed as to my abillity to copmplete a seemless working product but it could not have been easier. Now that my confidence is high, my next step is to try and overclock…..hopefully it will go well too. The best part is the experience in building the system that I obtained. I for one will never buy an assembled computer again.

Thanks again for all your help!

SixFingerMusic wrote:

This is a very informative and well thought out site. Tons of quality content.

Miranda Marquit wrote:

Create your own damn PC! It’s a great value when you go custom and get exactly what you want.

Tom wrote:

Wow! I really appreciate all the time your taking to answer so many questions!

Brady wrote:

Thank god there are people like you out there who are willing to help endless amounts of clueless people avoid being tricked into wasting their money. Thanks again!!

Neal wrote:
Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions. Very helpful! Thanks also for the feedback on the gateway – I think I’ll pass and build my own.

Igniteme wrote:
I’ve known Mathieu for some time now and while his knowledge of computer hardware has continued to astound me, I’ve been even more impressed with his personable, affable nature! He’s a great friend to have, and if I were you, I’d hire him without hesitation!

vigge_sWe wrote:

I usually do not read blogs about computers (The hardware part, not the software/programming), but Hardware revolution is actually worth reading.

I once needed a good and cheap setup for a computer that should be able to do 3D work, while I still could play games. I sent a messsage to Mathieu, and one day later he made me a set up and posted it on this site.

AmyV wrote:

I’ve seen Mathieu helps so many of my friends with their computer problems that even though I have a Mac, I still read his site. Whenever anyone I know has an issue, I know I can direct them to Mat or this site and he’ll probably be able to help them out.

Blain wrote:

One of a kind! Excellent advice that is well thought out and organized. “Pre-configured” computer systems makes building your own computer a reality (or as close as it gets). With the market flooded with computer parts even the tech savvy individual is lost until they come here.

Terence wrote:

In the short time I’ve been following your blog, Mathieu, I’ve been impressed with the depth of your knowledge. You’ve also shown an empathy that is rare in the blogosphere. When readers make comments and recommendations, you listen, thank them for the feedback, and when necessary adjust your builds based on their feedback.

I hope to see you continuing your site for years to come. I recommend you highly to all my friends, and if I was hiring a tech guru for my company right now, you’d be the first candidate I’d talk to!

Alexb wrote:

This blogger is always willing to help on any technical questions I have and good for intelligent conversation as well!

Miranda wrote:

I, too, have been impressed by your helpful attitude. You are always professional, yet willing to lend a hand. Your insight as a source for a news article I wrote was also quite valuable. Your knowledge is impressive, and you always seem to know just how to use in a way that is beneficial to others.

Chris Wasney wrote:

I will leave this short and simple. Your blog has helped me do one of the most complicated things (for me) in my technical life. Decide, and then build a computer. I had/have the knowledge on what goes into and what is needed for a decent build, but I am not very educated on whats rated what, and what is truly worth my cash. Reading and following your blog led me to pick, and then choose nearly everything for my computer. It was especially helpful, since I had a budget to keep to!

Paul J. Klein wrote:

I’ve known Mathieu for some time now and while his knowledge of computer hardware has continued to astound me, I’ve been even more impressed with his personable, affable nature! He’s a great friend to have, and if I were you, I’d hire him without hesitation!

J. Swanson, Ph.D. wrote:

I have found your site useful and understandable even for novices like myself. Clearly a person who is knowledgeable as well as articulate and thoughtful.

Dylan wrote:

When designing/building my own computer for the first time, I found this site. Mathieu’s advice on what components to use was excellent, but he supported that advice with empirical evidence, which proved even more useful. I ended up building a modified version of the $1000 gaming rig, and am completely satisfied.