Do you have a passion for computers? Share your knowledge, prove how you are an expert on a topic and build up your reputation by helping fellow geeks while getting exposure to thousands of readers who may be interested in your services or in your website or blog?

How would you feel about writing a or several guest posts for Hardware Revolution?

Who can submit a guest post?

Anyone including you can submit guest posts.


  1. Include a small bio of yourself, with a link to your website/blog.
  2. You may include up to two links within the text to related articles on your website/blog.
  3. The post must be related to computers, laptops, hardware, software, web, IT and/or technology. Ask me if you’re unsure.
  4. Your guest post must not be and will not be published on any other website or blog.
  5. Original content only, don’t copy your content from another source and pretend it’s your work.
  6. All guest posts are subject to approval.

If you can follow these simple guidelines, then you can apply and send your guest posts to me.

If I like your content, I might invite you to write again in the future.
If your content is outstanding by my standards, I might even offer to hire you!

Interested? Use the Contact Me form to submit your ideas/inquiry for more information or simply e-mail me your guest post at hardwarerevolution at