The LIAN LI Lancool PC-K62: most likely will be seen in at least one Workstation.

As you may know, I’m currently working on some new workstations builds.

Which is why I’m inviting to leave comments for the next two days (Until Sunday night) and make requests and/or suggestions of things that you’d like to see in the new Workstation builds.

Want to run a specific program?

Let me know programs you intend to work with and I’ll make sure to leave some in the articles regarding what hardware I recommend for that specific program.

Whether it’s Photoshop, Maya, some CAD program, video converting, just name it!

Want a specific feature?

You’ve got to have a FireWire port? E-SATA?

Four hard drives in RAID 1+0?

AMD FirePro or NVidia Quadro professional 3D video card?

Once again, name it and I’ll make sure to offer it at least as an upgrade.

This is your chance to get a Workstation with what you want in it!

Like I just said, if you want anything in the Workstation builds, let me know 😉 Got a suggestion? Shoot!